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Project FF&E Profile

NL specializes in custom project orders for hotels and residential/commercial developments

Having the volume of orders for our wholesale and retail clients has enabled us to do small or large custom orders on a very diverse all-encompassing range of products at an extremely competitive price and high standard of quality. Our Project FF &E focus is to provide a quality managed custom order service for interior designers, builders, procurement agents, hotels and residential/ commercial projects without the price tag these projects normally attract.

We offer the following and much more ;

  1. Indoor and Outdoor furniture: teak and recycled teak, mango, mahogany, synthetic resin on aluminium, marble and granite on stainless, natural weave abaca, sea grass and water hyacinth.
  2. Pots, planters, statues and water features:       terrazzo, marble granite, lava stone, white stone and sandstone, fibreglass, resin, clay and ceramic.
  3. Artefacts and Handicraft: ornaments, wall hangings, bowls, platters, vases, decor grasses, place mats and runners, soft furnishings, lamps,
  4. Building materials: doors, facing stone, bench tops in terrazzo, marble and granite, baths in decorative metal, marble, stone or terrazzo, landscaping stones, timber posts and decking special to type.

So far this service has proved very successful for both smaller and larger clients whilst on larger projects we normally specialize in one part of the project. ie one project in Dubai required 11 containers of assorted designer custom made pots.

Export clients for instance doing a small project fit out are better off to do a container directly from us to onsite and pay the freight and import duties themselves as they will save considerably. For full container orders we also offer an FOB or CIF (freight on board price where we pay the local charges to load the container and CIF to get it to the port in the country of destination).

NL also provides the same standard of service and very competitive pricing for our clients here in Indonesia for the local market

We are aware that we save our clients a lot of cost on their projects due to the fact we have kept our overheads down here in Indonesia, and coupled with our excellent relationships with our suppliers we believe our service is second to none. There would be very few individuals or entities in the world that can offer the product diversity, quality, delivery and prices that we can.